Safety is our highest priority at 3LK Construction!

Our Michigan Outstanding Safety Performance Award winning record has resulted in EMR rates well below the industry average. We are committed to maintaining safe working environments for everyone associated with our projects. Safety is the most important factor for our team, our customer’s teams, and the communities we serve. Management, project coordinators/managers, supervisors and tradespeople are encouraged to ensure we provide services that exceed all OSHA safety expectations. This is accomplished by maintaining our commitment to the highest level of safety standards. The safety and well-being of our employees, customers and general public is non-negotiable and its importance has been embedded in our core values.

Safety Certifications

Safety Training

In order to comply with all regulatory agencies and policies, 3LK Construction internally audits our safety performance and regularly evaluates our employee safety training. Self-evaluation demonstrates our commitment to safety and a consistent approach to training and monitoring our safety practices. At 3LK, everyone is responsible and accountable for safety. Our safety slogan, “Safety First” encourages a culture that thinks safety first, and this is part of our values and culture. Our most important asset is our teams and those we serve.

Culture of Safety

3LK actively pursues establishing a safe working environment for our employees and customers. We unequivocally believe that safety is an integral part of the construction process that is congruent with production and quality. Our Safety Department has developed and implemented policies and procedures designed to increase the safety awareness of everyone associated with our construction projects. Our Safety responsibilities and expectations are embedded into management systems and processes, and these processes influence everything that we do. From our comprehensive ‘Safety First, think safe, work safe’ awareness program to jobsite safe work procedures, we go above and beyond regulatory standards to ensure everyone’s safety on our projects.


At 3LK, we understand that diversity drives innovation and we value the different experiences, perspectives, and expertise brought by our team, subcontractors and partners. Company-wide, we seek opportunities to engage small and diverse subcontractors on our projects, and ensure their success through mentorship, support, and sharing best practices.

We celebrate difference and regardless of gender, ethnicity, class, disability, age, sexual orientation or religion, we are committed to creating an environment where there is mutual respect and equality of opportunity for all of our staff and clients.

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