3LK is a multi-disciplined General Contractor and Construction Manager that provides unionized carpentry, painting and general labor services. We consider our self to be one of the most reputable and trusted growing companies in the Commercial and Industrial sectors of construction in Michigan.

Markets We Serve

We service many different industries.

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    Federal Government
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Why Choose Us

At 3LK, our teams focus on Safety, Quality, Schedule and Cost are essential to our success. As a result, we are able to leverage proven experience with the latest and best practices to ensure projects success. We also maintain mutually beneficial relationships with highly respected Subcontractors that perform quality work at a high standard. We treat our Subcontractors with respect and compensates them in a respectable and expeditious manner. These practices help us build long-term relationships with the best trades in Michigan and any state or country we work.

Through careful self-reflection, we’ve established that consistent execution has consistently proven our ability to meeting project deliverables on time and within budget. We accomplish this by understanding our limitations and working closely with our customers to understanding the unique needs and requirements on a project by project basis. Currently, the majority of our contracts range from 50,000.00 to 25 million. While we have the capacity and resources to work on larger value projects, as previously demonstrated, we believe we are most proficient when managing projects in this arena because it allows us to maximize our strategies and over exceed our customer’s expectations.



3LK Construction aims to exceed our client’s expectations by working together to provide a finished product of the utmost quality, on time and bud¬get, within an environment where work ethic and safety standards are uncompromised.


Our Success

We count ourselves successful only when you’re satisfied with our work. Our track record of success rests on a foundation of strong customer service and projects that consistently meet the highest standards for beauty and durability.



You can rely on us to follow through on our promises and produce refined, long-lasting work that enriches the value of your property. We always remain receptive to your feedback and responsive to your needs.

Contact Us

(313) 962-8700

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